Ying Mysticism and the Vesica Piscis

Review of Ying Mysticism and the Vesica Piscis

Name of Deck: Yin Mysticism and the Vesica Piscis

Author/Creator: Brynja Magnusson

Year Published: 2022

Artist (if different from Author):

Reviewed by: Wing @tarotmechanic

Type of Deck: Oracle

Number of Cards: 51

Is this a themed/character deck: No

Deck Presentation

Aesthetics: The deck comes in a canvas bag that unrolls to allow for a 3 card reading on it.

Guidebook: The major symbolism/concept of this deck is the Yin Yang concept and the shape often associated with divine creation - the Vesica Piscis

Is this deck eco-friendly:  No

Is this a non-human deck: No

Real World Tarot

Are People of the Global Majority clearly represented: Yes

How many People of the Global Majority are represented: 4

Is this deck representative of the Global Majority? (at least 85% People of the Global Majority): Most people in this deck is ambiguous. There are only 4 people I can see clearly and all belong to the global majority

If not, what percentage of the humans in this deck represent the People of the Global Majority: 

Are there ambiguous Humans in this deck: Yes

Which aspects of the Human experience are represented:


Yin Mysticism and the Vesica Piscis by @ceremoniance is an oracle deck and a 300 page coloured text that contemplates the concept of Yin.

This incredible work is intellectually complex and intuitively simple at the same time. The book isn’t only a guide to the 51 cards oracle deck, but a philosophical exploration of one of the oldest occult concepts in the world. Known in eastern cultures as Yin and Yang, it is similar to the Hermetic principle of Polarity. Specifically, this text studies the Yin aspect of polarity and posits that a Yin approach to how we perceive and respond to the world is greatly needed in our world that’s currently overwhelmingly Yang.

The book has 51 chapters and each represents one concept and a corresponding oracle card. In addition to a detailed dive into the concept, there’s a one pager that includes the artwork and a shorter description to be used as the guidebook for the cards.

This oracle is perfect for those who enjoy the philosophical aspects of the occult or an intellectual approach to wisdom. At the same time, those who do not possess such interests can still enjoy this deck. The artwork is beautiful and simple. As for the book, even though the full text is filled with information, it expresses them in ways that people with any level of expertise can appreciate. Alternatively, you can choose to forego the text altogether since the cards include keywords for contemplation.

In addition to the book and cards themselves, I also love the container for the cards. Instead of a box or a typical drawstring pouch, it is a long canvas that can be unrolled to allow for a three card reading to be placed upon it. Ultimately, what I love most about this oracle is the author’s voice; it’s straightforward and sincere. Her passion for the topic is clearly felt without any trace of pretentiousness (which I sometimes feel in the more philosophical works).

I think this oracle is suitable for people on any spiritual path. The concept is compatible with all branches of occult knowledge and pairs particularly well with tarot since they share the same underlying principle.

Where to find a copy:

You can find this deck at ceremoniance.com