Alpaca Tarot

Name of Deck: Alpaca Tarot

Author/Creator: Quynh Tran

Year Published: 2023

Artist (if different from Author):

Reviewed by: Havana @sparkledivinetarot

Type of Deck: Tarot

Number of Cards: 78 with extra title card

Is this a themed/character deck: Yes

Deck Presentation

Aesthetics: This deck comes in a pastel purple and green, magnetic clasp box. The box is decorated with images of adorable alpacas and replicas of cards from the deck. The deck itself is edged in gold holographic foil gilding. The cardstock has a smooth, matte finish, without lamination. It is thick with a flexible core. When stacked together the deck can be on the thicker side but the flexible core makes shuffling easy. The cards are a standard 70 x 120 mm. If you choose to, you can purchase a matching spread cloth separately.

Guidebook: The guidebook is basic without any history of tarot or how to use and clean your deck information (which I actually prefer). This means that there aren't any spreads either. I wish there were some fun alpaca themed spreads for this unique deck. The website does have a blog with a playlist which was such a fun way to get into the mood while using this deck.

Is this deck eco-friendly: No

Is this a non-human deck: Yes

Real World Tarot N/A

Are People of the Global Majority clearly represented:

How many People of the Global Majority are represented:

Is this deck representative of the Global Majority? (at least 85% People of the Global Majority):

If not, what percentage of the humans in this deck represent the People of the Global Majority:

Are there ambiguous Humans in this deck:

Which aspects of the Human experience are represented:


So, we have about a billion cat tarot decks , a few dog tarot decks, and even a lizard tarot deck out on the market but I'd be hard pressed to say if I've ever seen another Alpaca Tarot deck. When I unboxed the Alpaca Tarot (you can see this video on our Patreon), I knew immediately that this deck would be an instant boost of joy. The Alpaca Tarot is an overload of cuteness and honestly, with the state of the world lately, I could use some adorable distractions. If you're someone who isn't fond of cuteness then you'll probably want to pass on this deck but if you welcome some fun in your deck collection then you'll enjoy this deck. The Alpaca Tarot by Quynh Tran, was a Kickstarter that successfully funded at the end of 2022.

I was immediately inspired to find some alpaca fur as a background for this deck's photoshoot so I could capture the mood of the fluffy cuteness. I had to settle for faux shearling but I think you get the idea. Just as with the wool from sheep and alpacas, I get such a warm feeling of delight while using this deck. There were several cards that made me laugh out loud, and the entire time I was looking through the art, I had a smile on my face. The deck follows the RWS system with nods to traditional symbolism while swapping the color palette for soft, cool toned, pastels. Although this is an anthropomorphic deck, most of the alpacas remain on all fours. If they are taking on more human-like behaviors, they're not out of character with the rest of the alpacas. I also appreciate that there is no violence depicted. The 3 of Swords, and 10 of Swords remain true to the RWS system without any bloody scenes. While the cards in this deck weren't specifically designed to be panoramic, there is a continuity with the composition that flows nicely from card to card. I find it so much easier to read a spread when there is a smooth flow like this.

I think my favorite card in this whole deck is the Devil. I don't know why this alpaca with his sunglasses and gold chain makes me laugh so much but something about him gives "wanna be bad boy" energy. It's certainly an aspect of the Devil but one I don't always immediately see. I appreciate that the death card is just a rain cloud, a reminder that rainy days come but rainy days also go. I really love how there is a firefighter alpaca in the Tower card. It's a cute positive addition to a card that makes a lot of people anxious. The fact that many of my favorite cards in this deck are cards that have a negative reputation is probably no coincidence. That's part of the reason I love cutesy tarot decks, they allow me to let down my guard and see things I might not be able to see because of "tradition".

Of course this deck may not be everyone's cup of tea but that doesn't mean it can't be used for both fun and serious readings. I think it's a mistake to assume that because a deck is full of adorable, chubby-faced, fluffy animals, that it can't be used for real, practical, or significant readings. A good tarot creator knows how to walk this fine line. Quynh Tran is a talented artist who has managed to create a fun deck that can offer a sincere message for its users. The Alpaca Tarot has definitely won me over and earned a place in my ever growing deck collection.

Where to find a copy: You can find Alpaca Tarot here

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