Tarot of Transcendence

Review of Tarot of Transcendence

Name of Deck: Tarot of Transcendence

Author/Creator: Jen Phippen

Artist (if different from Author):

Reviewed by: Havana @sparkledivinetarot

Type of Deck: Tarot

Number of Cards: 78

Is this a themed/character deck: No

Deck Presentation

Aesthetics: Instead of a box, this deck comes in a linen drawstring bag. The cardstock is thin and flexible with a glossy laminated texture. The cards shuffle very well, even for my short and stiff fingers however the glossy coating does make the cards slippery.

Guidebook: The guidebook offers keywords for upright and reversed readings, elemental associations, astrological correspondences, an accompanying stone and affirmation for the major arcana cards. The minors have keywords for upright and reversed and an affirmation. The suits are introduced with additional correspondences such as, direction, astrological, elemental, functions, and keywords. The guidebook also offers a glossary of terms and a simple astrological guide. There are a couple basic card spreads as well as a two-card, soul and action spread. The interpretations follow the RWS standard.

Is this deck eco-friendly: Yes

Is this a non-human deck: No

Real World Tarot

Are People of the Global Majority clearly represented: Yes

How many People of the Global Majority are represented: 3

Is this deck representative of the Global Majority? (at least 85% People of the Global Majority): No

If not, what percentage of the humans in this deck represent the People of the Global Majority: 17%

Are there ambiguous Humans in this deck: Yes

Which aspects of the Human experience are represented:


Tarot of Transcendence feels like a deep breath in a freshly cleaned space. There is room to think, to feel, to listen, to recognize the lessons in the messages. The collage artwork that combines stock images, photos, sacred geometry, and digital art manages to create a neat and balanced energy. In the guidebook, Jen Phippen, the creator, mentions that during her BFA program that her art was described as "outsider art", unacceptable to pass the program.

I'm not sure what "outsider art" is but Jen's art style works well for a tarot deck. Despite having a lot of moving parts, the symbolism and archetypes come through for each card. When laid out in their suits, the emotional energy from the artwork is obvious. Wands: action, driven, passionate, inspired. Cups: deep, sensitive, nostalgic, intuitive.  Swords: contemplative, thoughtful, considerate, curious. Pentacles: grounded, even, cautious, stable.

Although the guidebook sticks to the RWS keywords and interpretations, some of the images stray from the traditional symbolism. 8 of Wands is a person boarding a hot air balloon instead of wands hurling through the air which was a refreshing change. I love how the World returns to the youthful excitement of the Fool. I always appreciate a 2 of Cups that focuses on the bonds of friendship instead of romantic love.

As I stated before, The Tarot of Transcendence feels like a deep cleansing breath. It has a calming rhythm that makes perfect sense in a tarot reading. I think it's a great option for those who enjoy RWS but want a modern interpretation.

I wanted to make a point to highlight the eco-friendly packaging materials as well as the fact that for every deck purchase, Treesisters will plant a new tree for future generations.

Where to find a copy: Tarot of Transcendence can be purchased at: https://www.tarotoftranscendence.com/