Silver Acorn Tarot

Review of Silver Acorn Tarot

Name of Deck: Silver Acorn Tarot

Author/Creator: Madame Pamita

Artist (if different from Author): Stephanie Buscema

Reviewed by: Havana @sparkledivinetarot

Type of Deck: Tarot

Number of Cards: 78

Is this a themed/character deck: Yes

Deck Presentation

Aesthetics: The Silver Acorn Tarot comes in a hinged clasp box of charcoal grey, lavender, and pumpkin with silver foiling. The cardstock is a linen finish with a very bendy core. The cards are a bit wider and taller than average at 75 x 135 cm. A standard card size is 70 x 120 cm. The flexibility helps the extra height for these cards otherwise I might struggle to shuffle with my small hands and stiff fingers.

Guidebook: The guidebook is written with a lot of care and pride. The forward by Judika Illes,  goes into detail about why the deck is named Silver Acorn Tarot. As with many decks, the major arcana have a bit more detail than the minor arcana. For each major card there is a mini full color reproduction, a narrative about the character on the card, a divination interpretation, and an explanation of symbols within the image. Each introduction for the minor arcana has brief description of their elemental associations, keywords, and energy. The descriptions for the cards default to RWS interpretations and symbolism. The guidebook offers two basic cards spreads as well as a unique Silver Acorn Spread.

Is this deck eco-friendly: No

Is this a non-human deck: Yes

Real World Tarot N/A for this deck

Are People of the Global Majority clearly represented:

How many People of the Global Majority are represented:

Is this deck representative of the Global Majority? (at least 85% People of the Global Majority):

If not, what percentage of the humans in this deck represent the People of the Global Majority:

Are there ambiguous Humans in this deck:

Which aspects of the Human experience are represented:


These animals are so cute, so whimsical, and the fact that they have their own lore based on The Hero's Journey makes it even better. The Silver Acorn Tarot gives me the same sense of wonder that I experienced the first time I heard a Beatrix Potter tale. It also gives me Over the Garden Wall vibes which is probably why this feels like a perfect harvest/fall season deck. The guidebook mentions how when Stephanie was young, she felt the changing of seasons opened a magical door into a new world. That magic is captured perfectly in this deck.

I love how the characters in the cards are so expressive, my favorite being the Queen of Pentacles with her all-knowing side eye. I also giggled at Death with his jaunty little hat as he tip toes through the graveyard. These characters have clear personalities and as a result "speak" to each other. Some decks lack continuity through the suites or even from card to card but with Stephanie's deck, I could lay out a random set of cards and build a story whether it's for divination or for amusement. Initially, I thought this deck might have a progression through the seasons as an association for each suit because of its agrarian feel. Even though the seasons are not specifically highlighted in the specific suits, there seems to be a focus on seasonal changes throughout all 78 cards.

Over the years, I've scaled back my collection of anthropomorphic decks because they can come off a bit cheesy and sometimes lack depth. The  Silver Acorn Tarot creates a world that I want to see. I want to tune in each week to hear how these characters work together to get themselves out of a pickle. Stephanie's talent shines brightly with the Silver Acorn Tarot and I'm happy to share apart of her magical world

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