#nofilter Deck

Deck Name:  #nofilter

Created by: Mikko Sumulong & Chinggay Labrador

Published by:  Self-Published

Reviewed by Alyson Fay 02/2019

The #nofilter oracle is a 52-card, playing card sized oracle deck.  The cards have short, pithy phrases on them.  The color spectrum is straight out of the late 1980s/early 1990s with backgrounds that remind me of a lot of the abstract art that was popular when I was a kid.   (With the assistance of another reviewer and Wikipedia, I discovered that it is a style made popular by the Memphis Group during that time period.). I am not criticizing the color choice, it just reminded me strongly of my childhood and made me smile.  

However, don’t let the color scheme fool you.  When I first opened the deck, I was chuckling about the throwback color scheme and then saw phrases like: “Keep your ego in check.  You’re not all that.”  and “Don’t expect the world to adjust to you.”  This is a deck that doesn’t pull punches; it really is what it says on the tin.

The deck itself is split into three different categories, which the creators describe as follows:  The white Snark cards: Stuff you don’t want to hear but probably should.  Borderline rude advice because you won’t sit up and listen until someone gets cheeky with you.

The mauve Play Nice cards: Things to fluff you up and make you feel warm and fuzzy. Advice for when you need to put yourself first.  

 The teal Do Something cards: Actions to get you off your lazy ass. 

The creators have two suggestions on how to use the cards.  Option 1: you can either shuffle all the cards together and pull one card to answer your question.  Option 2: pull a card from each pile to get an answer from each category.  Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan that requires me to keep the cards in separate categories.  In this case, it’s interesting to see the different perspectives to approach a situation.  Let’s do a sample reading!

I asked the question: What would help me be successful with my fitness goals for this year?

Snark: There’s such a thing as too much.

Play Nice: Only give what you can afford to lose.

Do Something: Ask the questions. Prepare yourself for the answers.

At first blush, I wasn’t sure that most of these answers would apply to the situation.  Then I realized that like most fitness goals, I have a number in mind that I want to lose.  Politely, it would be called ambition.  “Too much” might be another descriptor.  A big component for my fitness goal is working out.  This is going to require me to make trade offs when it comes to time.  Asking questions about my fitness goals.  This is about getting real about why I have set fitness goals.  I must admit, I do want to be more energized and have increased strength.  I also want a smaller butt. 

All in all, the #nofilter oracle is a lot of fun and does provide insight to situations at hand.  The phrases are off the cuff but not rude.  I could see people taking offense to some of those cards but they likely really need to hear it.  I enjoy using this deck and will use it with friends that can handle unfiltered advice. 

Instagram: @mixfonts & @practical_magical

Website: http://www.nofilter.wtf